14 Piece Brush Set

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Full collection of brushes includes:

- dense, soft and full, the largest brush is perfect for dusting powder to give you the perfect matte finish (natural hair),

- a full brush with a gentle angle is ideal for contouring, highlighting and sculpting one’s features to perfection (natural hair),

- soft eye shadow brush, perfect for blending to achieve the most professional look (natural hair),

- medium sized eyeshadow brush uses stiffer hair, perfect for building up color on the eye lid (natural hair),

- small lip brush with a rounded edge, allows to blend the lip and lip liner colours smoothly whilst maintaining a crisp clean edge to the lip look (synthetic hair),

- brush to apply concealer on any area with taklon fibers that ensure the cream does not stain the hair (synthetic hair),

- small fan brush has many uses including brushing away any excess eye shadow fallout from underneath the eye. This little tool is invaluable for a smoky eye (synthetic hair),

- small round domed brush is best used for smoking out that dramatic eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line (natural hair),

- small brush with the perfect density for applying liquid or gel eyeliner (natural hair),

- long lip brush perfect for applying lipstick or lip gloss (natural hair),

- fine haired liquid eyeliner brush makes the finest of lines very easily (synthetic hair),

- dense large brush uses its blunt tip to apply generous amounts of product to the skin, thus is ideal for applying blush colour (natural hair),

- foundation brush with taklon bristles, easy to apply cream or liquid foundation for that flawless complexion (synthetic hair),

- small angle brush can be used on lips, brows, eyes or even to turn any of your powder eye shadows into a soft and subtle eyeliner (synthetic hair).

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