Inglot celebrates 10 years in business with the announcement of their hotly anticipated New Loyalty Card Programme!

Inglot loyalty card holders will earn one point for every Euro spent in Inglot stores. Each point is worth 1 cent  and can be redeemed against future purchases in store.

The minimum threshold amount for redemption is €5. There is no maximum limit for redemption.

Loyalty card holders will enjoy a range of benefits and rewards which include:

1. Exclusive discounts and offers every quarter 
2. Point booster’s on all new product purchases 
3. Exclusive sneak peeks of new products prior to launch 
4. Exclusive pre-sale access to new products online 
5. Complimentary Make-over in store to celebrate reaching 1,000 points

There will be continual ‘Point Booster’ products in store allowing our loyalty customers an opportunity to increase their points balance with ease.

Terms & Conditions of Inglot's Loyalty Card Programme

1. Use your loyalty cart to earn points on your Inglot purchases in stores nationwide

2. 1 point equals to 1c to spend in Inglot stores in the Republic of Ireland.

3. Your loyalty card is not a debit or credit card.

4. Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

5. Cards are valid in the Republic of Ireland only.

6. You must be over 18 years of age to sign up to the Loyalty Card Programme.

7. The Inglot Loyalty Card Programme adheres to all GDPR data privacy and protection requirements. You will only be contacted by Inglot in relation to your loyalty card unless you have given explicit consent to receive marketing communications from Inglot.

Please read the Inglot Data Privacy Statement here for full details.