AMC Cream Foundation

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30 ml/1 US FL OZ

This is a subtle cream foundation that provides a natural coverage. It is water resistant and matte to touch, yet with added illuminators to give a dewy appearance. This light foundation is very hydrating on the skin whilst still providing a substantial level of coverage.


LW Stands for 'Light Warm'
MW stands for 'Medium Warm'
DW stands for 'Dark Warm'
These are yellow-based tones with olive undertones.

LC stands for 'Light Cool'
MC stands for 'Medium Cool'
DC stands for 'Dark Cool'
These are cooler tones with pink undertones.

Contains Vitamin E, peptides, and special polyesters are combined with a unique silicone and gel base to ensure that it glides onto the skin easily and to keep all skin types illuminated throughout the day and night.

Perfectly suitable for usage in an airbrush machine.


Illuminates and moisturises the skin to give a radiant glow.

Gives medium to full coverage to all skin types but particularly beneficial to dry skin.