Eco palette (shadows not included)

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Please note, eye shadows are not included.


Get ready for another step forward in the development of the unique INGLOT Freedom System


Introducing the Flexi Eco Palette..


Inglot’s collection of cruelty–free palettes has been extended with a modern and eco-friendly palette made from naturally coloured bamboo. The new palettes reflect a simple yet sleek design and the unique pattern created by tree rings ensures each palette is one-of-a-kind.


The palettes are part of Inglot’s freedom system and are priced at €18/£15. The Freedom System allows you to keep all of your freedom items in functional, compact and ultralight palettes and enjoy saved space thanks to the tiny magnets which enable you to stack the palettes.


Think Green and Cruelty-free. Think Inglot Flexi Eco Palette!



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