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About us

With over 470 retail outlets in 53 countries across six continents, Inglot is fast becoming the world’s leading cosmetics brand. The Inglot brand was established over 30 years ago by chemist, Wojciech Inglot, with the goal of using only the best ingredients and the most ethical suppliers in the market to develop high quality makeup at affordable prices.

Mr. Inglot’s goal has realized into a cosmetics brand that is recognised and celebrated internationally for its amazing formulations and strong pigmentations.

Paving the way through innovation

Inglot pioneered the introduction of the Freedom Palette to the global cosmetics market, allowing makeup lovers to mix and match a wide selection of pigments and colours to create a personalised palette.With over 200 shades of eyeshadow and nail polish and 150 shades of lipstick, Inglot continues to design and develop new cosmetic formulas in line with the latest trends in texture and colour.

Inglot Build your own makeup palette

The Inglot Freedom System brought something completely new and exciting to the Irish beauty market. It is a unique solution that allows makeup lovers to fit their favourite makeup products into a handy reusable palette. Modern, magnetic packaging can hold personalised makeup sets for your face, eyes, body and lips.

Inglot currently has a presence at all major beauty events around the globe, from the International Fashion Week runway to the stage and sets of TV shows and Broadway musicals. 

An Ethical Brand

Inglot’s ethos is to enhance our client’s natural beauty using innovative, high quality products at reasonable prices. The extensive colour range and quality product formulation has drawn a loyal following of professional make-up artists, beauty bloggers/gurus and make up lovers. Now gathering a cult following of Inglot Addicts, Inglot is one of the most popular beauty brands in the ever-growing worldwide market!

All of INGLOT’s products are 100% cruelty free and have NEVER been tested on animals.


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