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Name: Zoe Kirby 

Instagram Handle: @zoekirbymajeup

"I started my journey with Inglot in September 2018. I did the part time course in the Inglot Academy, it was 15 weeks long and in those 15 weeks I have learned so much! I made great friends and had the most amazing tutors. Only a couple of months after completing the course I now work with Inglot in their Liffey Valley store *(as Assitant Manager)*! It's been an amazing journey so far, and I absolutely love my job and all the opportunities I have working with the company."


Name: Vera 

Instagram Handle: @verapmua

"My name is Vera and I’m a former inglot academy graduate , I was looking for a makeup course to do so when inglot Ireland announced they were starting an academy, I looked up the courses and the times and I knew it was the one I wanted to do. So in the course we did Itec side of things and we also did the inglot side of things. We did all our Itec material and also all our looks like a cut crease or blown out shadow. For me I learned so much in regard to product knowledge , as I have sensitive ezcema prone skin , I like to know what ingrediants are in products so that was very important to me. I also learned a lot when we did bridal makeup as I had never done it before and I found it very valuable what the dos and donts are regarding bridal makeup.

All this could not have been achieved without our amazing tutors. We could also bring in any look we liked and we could recreate it in class given that we had all our Itec material covered first.

I finished the academy in February and I applied for a job in inglot in May. I have worked in many stores in Dublin but primarily in Inglot Liffey Vally."

Inglot Academy Student Profile

Name: Javeria Khan
Instagram handle: jiaxmakeup
Favourite makeup artist: Niamh Cleary, Keilidh Cashell 
Skills I’ve learned since beginning my Inglot academy journey:  I’ve learned how to properly blend the eyeshadows and how to apply wing liner. Also knowledge on the importance of hygiene.
Favourite thing about Inglot academy: The best thing about Inglot Academy is the tutors. We have 3 different tutors who each have their own tips/techniques which is great for gaining experience. 

Inglot Academy Student Profile

Name: Jordan Murray
Instagram handle: JordanMurray_Makeup
Favorite Style: catwalk /theatrical makeup
Favorite thing about Inglot Academy: My favorite thing is how far I have come in just a couple of months. The tutors really dedicate time to you until you have your work spot on.

Name: Katie Ball 
Instagram handle: @katieball321
Favourite makeup artist: Keilidh Cashell 
Skills I’ve learned since beginning my Inglot academy journey:  I’ve learned a lot about blending properly and enhancing creativity.
Favourite thing about Inglot academy: The tutors are lovely. All the girls get on so well together and we learn so much.

Niamh Cosgrave

Name: Niamh Cosgrove
Instagram handle: ninnie_mua 
Favourite makeup artist: mmmitchell, staceymariemua, Plouise, Keilidh Cashell, Ellie Kelly 
Skills I’ve learned since beginning my Inglot academy journey: Perfecting a cut crease, the Inglot eye, good hygiene, different skin types. 
Favourite thing about Inglot academy: Getting to play with makeup and meeting everybody 

Name: Nicole Keogh  
Instagram handle: @nicolekeoghxo 
Favourite makeup artist: Ellie Kelly 
Skills I’ve learned since beginning my Inglot academy journey: I’ve learned so much since the start of my academy journey especially my blending technique.
Favourite thing about Inglot academy: You learn so much and get so much help and all the girls get on so well which makes the day so much easier and better.

Inglto Academy Student Profile

Name: Niamh Kiernan
Instagram handle: niamhk_makeup
Favourite makeup artist: Niamh Cleary, Keilidh Cashell 
Skills I’ve learned since beginning my Inglot academy journey:  So many... most importantly how to get a perfect blend with no harsh lines.
Favourite thing about Inglot academy: The tutors will always come around and check how we’re doing during makeovers and help if we’re struggling. I’ve improved on things I didn’t even know i was doing wrong but it makes such a difference!

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To date, Inglot have three Academies in Ireland which are based in Dublin, Galway and Cork.

Get a more detailed view on each course by checking out the course pages above.

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