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   At Inglot, we don't just offer College Kits, we also offer a package which includes Masterclasses, Merchandising and 10% Discount Cards for all students.



   College Kit Package

   The Sample Kits above range from €200 to €545 and are all inclusive of a 20% discount.

   There is no minimum or maximum spend required & our kits are totally customisable.


   Inglot Ireland Provide College Kits to over 40 Makeup Artistry and Beauty Institutions around Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

   As we are one of Ireland's Leading Cosmetic Retailers, our College Clients have experienced a spike in enrolments when their affiliation with Inglot is advertised.

College Partners


   If you would like to browse our range of College Kit products please click the link below.

   If you would like to arrange for consultation with one of our instore product specialists or need any further information, please contact