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Afterglow Skin Collection

Capture your very own ‘afterglow’ with the Rosie for Inglot ‘Afterglow Skin Collection’, a medley of skin loving, lightweight, complexion enhancing skin bases, perfectors, veils and skin focused palettes.

Developed with natural, radiant and pearlescent skin rejuvenation at the forefront, these magic gems will take your skin to new glowing heights!

Illuminating & Brightening Face Bases

Illuminate and brighten like you’ve never seen before.

The lightweight complexion boosting primer comes in two delectable golden tones and can be worn alone or underneath your base to extend and perfect your makeup game for longer. Infused with moisturizing properties such as white truffle extract which minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores and aid in toning the skin. Additionally, the HD pigments reflect light for that ultimate glow from within finish.

Rosie’s Shade Breakdown!

Latte Glow

“I adore Lattes but I think I adore this shade even more! ‘Latte Glow’ is the deeper of my two bases and adds more depth to my skin. Wear alongside one of my ‘365 Skin Perfectors’ and you’ve got yourself a match made in complexion heaven!”

Key Ingredients:

  • White Truffle Extract - Evens Skin Tone & Blurs Pigmentation
  • Glycerin - Helps Skin Retain Moisture
  • Water Based - Hydrating your Skin from Within

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