Glowing Veil Tanning Brush

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Introducing the Glowing Veil Tanning Brush, created specifically for oil-based formula products. The ultra-soft hairs have been designed for easy, streak free application. The perfectly angled head seamlessly follows the contours of your face for a sculpted, sunkissed, airbrushed finish!

This brush is also great for applying the Rosie for Inglot Glowing Veil Tanning Oil along the neck, decolletage and tricky to tackle areas like your hands!

Rosie’s Rating!

“You have been so OBSESSED with the Beauty Brush from the Rosie for Inglot Hidden Ambition Brush Collection, that we just had to bring it out along with my Glowing Veil Tanning Oil! These two are the perfect pair!”


Directions for Use

Dispense 2-3 drops of the Rosie for Inglot Glowing Veil Tanning Oil onto clean, dry skin using this large angled brush!


Key Benefits

-Specifically designed for use alongside Oil Formulas

-Ultra Soft Hairs for Streak Free Application

-Large Angled Head that makes following the contours of your face super easy!

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