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Become An Inglot MUA

How to become an Inglot MUA

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, 'how can someone become an Inglot MUA'.

With fierce competition in the industry and exceptional levels of talent out there, we expect a very high standard from applicants.

I’ve drafted a few tips to help you on the quest to becoming a member of our wonderful #inglotfamily.

I really hope it helps, Jane. 

Completing an accredited make up or beauty course is now essential at Inglot. We no longer take on self thought make up artists as although candidates may have exceptional skill we need to ensure their health and hygiene knowledge is of the highest standard. Early on in your career, set up and start building an online social media profile. Look at this as your shop window where future employees and clients get to view your work. Make it interesting and keep it reflective of your tastes and personality.

Showcase your talent on your Instagram or Facebook business page and of course my favourite Snapchat!! They are amazing and a free promotional tool. Show off the real you and make it personal but tasteful.

Online is also where you will find all of your make up inspiration if you search #inglotireland #janeinglot #inglotaddicts all relevant post pop up that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Once you are qualified draft a strong CV and Cover Letter. This isn’t always easy but its essential that your CV stands out in a sea of others yet is easy to read.

There are lots of guidelines and templates online and be sure to add 2/3 strong make up photos, examples of your work.

Email your completed CV’s to and pop the name of the location of the store you wish to apply for in the subject bar, for example Cork CV.

Following this, you will get an automatic response from our email. Your CV will be filed and reviewed as soon as a suitable role becomes available in the location you expressed interest in.

If your application is successful and a suitable position becomes available you will be contacted by a member of our team and invited to attend an interview.

The initial interview may be over the phone or a simple meet and great. If successful you will be invited in for a practical interview where your skill will be assessed.

Tips for the interview process

Firstly congratulations if you got this far! Inglot get a huge amount of applications from greatly skilled artists. You have been selected for a reason this alone should give you confidence in your interview so remember that and don’t let your nerves get the better of you.        

We look for a number of qualities in our artists that I have broken down here:

 1.     Skill – as you know the level of skill at Inglot is exceptional and we look for people with natural flair and talent.

My best piece of advice is to practice practice practice – the Internet is full of educational videos and make up demos.

Inglot Ireland’s facebook and youtube channel contains tons of videos from your favorite mua’s who share their knowledge and describe exactly how to apply products and what to use on all skin types.

I would recommend viewing Inglot videos especially as you are going to learn so much about the products and invaluable tips and tricks about the brand to use when int  interview day!

It is also essential you practice on models so offer your pals and mammies free make overs and don’t forget your boyfriends have eyebrow’s too, although they may not be so willing.

2.     Personality - At Inglot we are encourage different styles and diversity is key but there are a few character traits that we look for.

Approachable is the first word that comes to mind. When customers visit a store we want them to feel welcome. It can be very intimidating calling into a store filled with colour and products you have no knowledge of so our MUA’s must be warm and welcoming and make our clients feel at ease.

I hope these are the types of people you have experienced in the past when you visit our stores and I have no doubt that is why you are here wanting to become a member of our team.

 3.     Passion - The last but equally as important point is Passion all our employees have a huge passion for make up and Inglot. We are looking for true Inglot Addicts who know the brand inside out, follow our teams online, know your best selling products and join in our customer events.

Passion is something that has to come naturally and cant be taught. Within 2 minutes of meeting someone I can tell if they have genuine affection for the brand.

It is also so much easier to work in a job you are passionate about, sales and customer interaction is genuine and therefore sales are not forced you are simply happy to share your knowledge of all your favourite products with our valued customers.

Mention your favourite Inglot MUA’s, who and why they give you inspiration. Tell us about your favourite products and what appeals to you and show all our looks you have recreated and what masterclasses and roadshows you attended etc.

Also try and stand out in the crowd. At your interview ensure you are dressed immaculately and wear your best make up on the day.

Research the company and Inglot’s history and bring along any work you have done with Inglot such as Trend Thursday looks and certificates if you have attended our courses. Don’t be shy be confident and assertive with your answers and let your true personality shine through.

As you can tell I am very passionate about Inglot. I eat sleep and breathe it and I know this feeling is infectious and has rubbed off on our team and many of my followers. This is what we hope our makeup artists do to our clients who they are interacting with every day.

Inglot is a fun company full of opportunity and growth and of course we are every expanding and always on the lookout for new assets to our teams.

I hope these little tips have been helpful, if I can answer any more questions feel free to message me on my “janeinglot” Snapchat .

I wish you the very best on your journey to becoming a member of the #inglotfamily. 
Much love Jane x