Guidelines and Reviews

Inglot Community Guidelines

Here at Inglot, we want your Input and Feedback; that’s why we ask you to engage with us at every opportunity through Reviews, Comments and Inglot Interactive. We want you to be positive and engage in conversation with other Inglot users. Please be Respectful and withhold criticism or negativity – be constructive. Inglot does not allow disrespectful activity.

Also, please refrain from making duplicate posts; we don’t allow spam, commercial messages or links to other sites. If you see something that seems inappropriate, please let us know at

We reserve the right to remove Comments that are inappropriate or not in fitting with our Site and Guidelines. We may also remove the profiles of any repeat offenders.

How to Review a Product

We recommend that you are honest and insightful when Reviewing products. Please review products that you have had a personal experience with – be honest. Constructive Reviews include things such as colour, texture, comparisons, value for money and application. Everyone has different experiences with products, so please be as specific as possible/necessary.