HD Corrective Primer

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HD Corrective Primer improves application and prolongs life of makeup. Hypoallergenic Volume: 30 ml 

Lily extract and hyaluronic acid moisturize and smooth the skin.

Moreover, each one of the primers is enriched with carefully chosen ingredients that improve skin condition.

Enriched with luxurious white truffle extract with its nourishing properties, this primer: - revives the colour of sallow skin, - highlights the skin.

Enriched with horse chestnut extract to strengthen blood vessels, this primer: - neutralises skin redness, - helps reduce the appearance of broken capillaries.

Enriched with enantia chlorantha bark extract for a mattifying effect, this primer: - neutralises skin redness and purple discolorations, - absorbs sebum.

Enriched with saffron extract with its antioxidant features, this primer: - covers up blue and purple discolorations, - highlights the skin.


Enriched with ginkgo biloba extract to improve skin elasticity, this primer: - neutralises brown spots.

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